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Culture is a key to our success. And values lead the way. It’s about creating an environment where the work is rewarding. Where each employee’s contribution is valued and where each person matters.

Look at top-performing companies—their products change, their people change, but their values stay the same. Values drive our culture. And culture, more than anything else, determines success or failure. If you get that right, everything else falls into place.


Community involvement

Giving back is what we do. We support charities that help our communities. We encourage everyone to participate. And we have fun doing it.

Customer care

We are a service organization. It can be as simple as a warm greeting, taking action before being asked and building genuine personal relationships with those who depend on us every day.

Employee welfare

Competitive benefits, diverse career opportunities, community and a healthy work/life balance matter to us.


The vibrant atmosphere of our business is hard to ignore. We share a lifestyle and a tight-knit community. Maybe that’s why people rarely leave.


We are an auction company, a technology company and more. We reinvent ourselves on a daily basis—in an industry that is ever-changing.


We try and do the right thing. Whether it’s for a customer, a fellow employee or a colleague. We’re not always perfect, but are willing to fix it when we’re not.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We are observant and aware of our surroundings. We speak up and take action for the well-being of ourselves and those around us.


We’re a well-oiled machine. Everyone has a role. Nowhere is there more of a team effort than at an auto auction. We have but a few hours to perform and a split second to make a deal.